Grab your tackle, we’re off fishing!

Posted: August 9, 2011 in About Me
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It started one day in the staffroom. where many things do. Over lunch the chat was flowing and a variety of topics were being covered, again following the norm.

It was then revealed to us by one of the female members of staff that she had been ‘fishing‘. Not as in pull on your wellies, grab your mack and box full of maggots but as in on-line dating using the website ‘plentyoffish‘.

What followed was a mass run down of the type and kind of people that were on the website, with a few photos being shared and an encouragement for the rest of us ‘singleites’ to give it ago. So much so, that there and then via the use of the mobile phone I some how had a profile set up for me. Oddly, though the thought that a gay man would be looking for that special someone on a dating site called ‘plentyoffish’. Fish has never really being my forte, although I am partical to a nice tuna steak!

The basic profile was launched, photo added and a brief outline of who I am, what I am looking for and where I’m based became the new focus of the lunch break and within the space of ten minutes I was live. Sat there at the edge of the huge ‘pond’ of the international web of wonder waiting for that single man to come bite my line (those with a filthy mind please remove from the gutter and bring back into the place where mine is……purity)

My opening goes something like this…

Hello!  I thought I’d try out this fishing malarky.
I’ve never done it before, but I’ve been told I should invest in a good set of waders, a strong rod and a canvas style seat (with cup holder!).  I haven’t brought any sandwiches, but I’m hoping to catch something to take out, err, I mean fry up!

So if you’re mad for mushy peas then grab your holding net and lets catch fish!  😉

(I realise I’ve said absolutely zero about me in the above blurb, but I’m good at answering questions……especially if they’re about peas, nets or fishing tackle!)

Feel free to drop me your line…

and so here it is. Let the fishing begin!!


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